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How to start up bulk SMS messages business and make money 1000$ within 1month

Before we proceed, I want to point out two things you need to know

1. Free sms. You are free to configure your portal to give free sms units to new registered users. However, I want to tell you that serious users are not after the free sms. It's only the secondary school guys that want to show to their friends that they can receive sms with a custom sender id from them. And so, they register with about three emails to use your free sms units. On our portal,

we dont give free sms units to new members. And people never complained. free SMS plan deliver SMS to india ,Nigeria Ghana Ivory Coast  

Most of our sms users register and buy sms immediately to start sending their serious sms campaign. They are not out for childish playing around. I remember telling a very big church that i will give them 500 sms units to test the platform, the pastor asked me 'for what? What is 500 sms units?' They went ahead to transfer 180,000 Naira to our union bank account for 100,000 sms units.

2. Your Pricing. Your pricing matters. There are some novice in this business that charge rediculous cheap prices in order to get customers. It doesnt work. Serious users dont usually look at your pricing model.

There was a time we were selling at #1.60kobo per sms. Then to #1.70kobo and finally to #1.80kobo. Till today, our clients never complained.and customer satisfaction survey is the best alternative. We reviewed our pricing model of course because of the Dollar to Naira hick.

one Bishop even said to us, 'I hope your sms is #4 because we are not ready to pay more than #4.' I told him that we sell sms at #1.80kobo and he was shocked.

so, make your pricing moderate.

not too costly and not too cheap. Again, configure your portal send sms at 1 unit. Clients hate it when they wil have to do unnecessary calculations.

They want 1000 sms units to send sms to 1000 gsm numbers as long as the sms is 1 page. Instead of making your unit for 80kobo and then make 1 sms to deduct 2 units, which in essence, you are selling at 1.60kobo. Why not just spell it out that you sell sms at 1.60kobo and 1 unit is equals to 1 sms?

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