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How to register sender ID in Nigeria

*Why my message sent but not received in All Nigeria bulk sms*websites 



Ans :

Network check detected that sender ID is not yet register, meanwhile it changes to BULKSMS which enabled by your provider customise sender ID BULKSMS *



Why my messages sent but not received* It because your sender ID needs to register ,and you will keep on wasting of money upon undelivered to recipient ,it might also cause by DND issue, and spam keywords, etc but mainly now Sender ID required to register by network provider







Why since i am using freesmsplan still my message delivered well with sender ID ?




Ans= yes we have already registered your sender ID, and we monitor your sender ID and verify it not spam sender ID and registration it from our provider since you are using our platform *questions* Why others not do the same *Ans* I don't actually have reason for that , but any company supposed to get customer satisfaction survey Thanks for reading this We are still among top 10 good SMS provider in Nigeria gateway and international Remain the best